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during the course of the conversation with his doctor, mr. davis removed a small semiautomatic handgun from his waist band area and fired a single gunshot that struck the doctor in the lower chest, upper abdomen. >> hospital employees were evacuated and several floors were put in lockdown mode. >> the situation was scary. >> just knowing someone was inside on a rampage with a gun in a hospital. >> this technician worked with the doctor in the x-ray room. >> can you tell us about what kind of doctor he is? >> excellent doctor. a nice fellow. >> we were told an hour ago by hospital officials that the doctor was still in the operating room. he is expected to recover.
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again, shot in the abdomen. baltimore police have updated the name of the suspect. they say he had given a false name to police, a false name to hospital administrators here. they identified him as paul warren pardus of arlington, virginia. >> thank you, gail. we will combat -- continue to bring you updates on the doctor and a suspect. >> the exclusive interview with the discovery hostages is getting a lot of attention tonight. that man james lee held them against their will and they talk about how they were able to escape. >> one of the hostages told oprah that he thought he had walked into a television show that was being filmed in the lobby of discovery that day, but
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when the gun man. his weapon at him, he knew it was the real deal -- but when the gun man pointed his weapon at him he knew it was the real deal. >> on the ground, on the ground -- those were the words that he heard from the gun man. they talked openly and candidly about the heroine ordeal of being held at gunpoint they told oprah today how he walked into the building just moments after his friend and co-worker is taking captive. >> i was coming in the second door and began man was wielding the gun at me -- a the gun man was wielding a gun at me and saying "get on the floor." >> the gun man worked at the local network. >> who told you to have children?
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no one, sir. but what, nobody loved you? you had to make someone love you? >> they had to try to figure out a way to escape. >> as i was on the floor i was like, i am not ready to die. that instance where we counted down and jim looked at me and i looked back at the gunmen and he looked down, i just running the fast as i have ever run. >> the two men and the guards broke free. >> i think he is in a position to speak about it. it was a traumatic experience. i commend them. >> the third hostage, the security guard, opted not to do oprah. as for wood and nick nolte, they have yet to return to their jobs -- and mcnulty, they have yet to return to their jobs here.
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>> three people are dead after their speeding suv slammed into an ambulance. the accident happened in the district heights. we are learning new details about the moments running up to that crash. >> it was a terrible and bizarre accident. it was just about right here that the ambulance, full lights and sirens on, was hit very nearly head-on by the s.t.v. heading the wrong way. what we have learned is that the suv was traveling at a speed estimated by investigators to be 100 miles per hour. also, sources have told us that police did find a bag of marijuana very near the vehicle after the crash. >> even the aftermath of the collision is startling. the ambulance involved had been ripped open, the medical compartment destroyed. the suv that slammed into the emergency vehicle is barely
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recognizable as and suv. witnesses early this morning said there was nothing they could do for the three men inside. >> just like that and that was it. >> what i came on it, there was nothing i could do. >> the victims have vinified as 30-year-old emanuel jones. the driver and passenger, [unintelligible] the driver was the father of a young daughter and had recently purchased the suv. >> i always feel bad for parent -- children who lose their parents. >> this video shows joan's car seconds before the impact with the ambulance. it is on the wrong side of the road and is going so fast it only flashes onto the screen.
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he says the metics saudi suv headed their way and slowed to 10 miles per hour, but almost had no time to react. >> within a matter of seconds -- you have to remember that our dashboard camera is capturing everything in seconds. in the blink of an eye, it was on top of us. >> fortunately, they were able to swerve just a little bit so that they did not take a full head on collision. they were injured, rattled, shaken up, battered and bruised. as for the investigation, certainly, police will look into the marijuana, which was believed to have been thrown from the suv. and they are waiting for toxicology reports on the driver, hoping that will explain why this car slammed it directly into the ambulance. >> a metro morning passengers
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have seen a spiking crime. a 24% in crime on the metro compared to last year. thefts of electronic devices like iphones account for most of that surge. more officers are being added in the stations and trains. as well as a public awareness campaign warning people to keep their property secure. and taking action after a string of alleged assaults by a driver. a probe is being launched into the metro access training and hiring. the company wants to find better ways to protect passengers. four metro access drivers have been accused of sexually assaulting customers. >> police say that the man seen robbing this 711 on august 8 could be responsible for at least five attacks in college
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park. once the suspects are caught, police will see if any of the victims identified these men as their attackers. >> one of the biggest unanswered questions from the d.c. elections is, what will happen to michelle rhey? she made a lot of controversial changes under this administration. will she stay or go? >> today, she is campaigning against the winner, vincent gray, and called the election devastating for the school's children. it remains to be seen if she will keep her job. >> it was an emotional moment when adrian fenty reached out to vincent gray, the candidates to begin in the primary. and one person who is blaming herself for this dramatic change in leadership, michelle read. unapologetically fired
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hundreds of teachers and she sounds like she is looking for some job security. >> minton gray says no changes will be made after the general election. >> i think it would be a great loss for the city to jeopardize the momentum that has been billed for change. -- build for change. >> i think she made a mistake. >> she says she wants to continue rebuilding d.c. schools. a change in her job title may be forthcoming. >> if i can in some small way make a dent in this for some
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group of kids somewhere, i would do it in a heartbeat. >> the great camp is insisting that education will be the focus. >> we're finally getting some rain out there. >> how about that. doug hill is in the weather center. >> we expect order of an inch to half an inch in some spots -- a quarter of an inch to have changed in some spots. gray skies over the city with patches of light rain. there are few areas with more heavy to moderate rainfall. west toward winchester and martinsburg, moderate times of rain.
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we have a huge difference in temperatures of around the viewing area right now. showers continuing. the will have a lot more on the changes to expect. it is all coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> coming up, a sex offender living in the woods. a loophole that allows some sex offenders to not have to register. >> we will look at than half like's new movie "mckeown." -- "the town." >> technology makes it easier to pay to park in d.c., but it also makes it easier for you to get a ticket.
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>> it turns out innovation to help you pay for parking in d.c. could actually end up costing
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you. >> check this out, when you pay by credit card, it gives the officers a head of -- a heads up that the meter is expiring. >> people who use a credit card to pay to park, or where you use your telephone do make it easier, but you also greatly increase your chances of getting a parking ticket. >> some people who use the credit card or phone method to park say it is easy, but watch out. he says the person on the other end of the phone got one digit on his license plate from and within minutes he got stuck with a ticket. >> i got in my car and got a ticket and 20 minutes later got a text saying that -- i got my car and was on my way home and 20 minutes later got a text saying that my leader was about to expire. -- my meager was about to
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expire. >> a parking enforcement officer wrote this to get one minute after the time paid for by phone expired. city officials acknowledge that if you pay over the phone or wuerth credit cards, your license plate and expiration go into the system. they get an update when the meter is about to expire. >> it is easier to pay for parking and it is also easier from an enforcement standpoint. >> it has some motorists who regularly park at city meters sticking to quarters. >> somebody told me that they got a ticket. >> if you use a credit card or pay by phone, denied use your ticket that you got by mistake -- and do not take your ticket
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that you got my mistake to a judge. call the parking system and they should be able to fix it for you. >> state pamphlets have the number to call printed in black and white, but it is actually the number to a phone sex hotline. >> they gave me the wrong number. >> i think they should change the number, or at least advise the everybody that they have a new member and not to call that one because it is -- a new number and not to call that one because it is a izsak hot line. >> the number is still printed in the dmv manuals. it will take awhile to get them out of circulation. tracking a newpin hurricane tonight, karl.
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some areas could be in for as much as a foot and half of rain in the coming days. nine people have been killed, 80,000 homes damaged by flooding from previous rains in the city of veracruz. >> too much of a good thing. >> it may become a category two before it goes into maine and mexico. we will have -- mainland mexico. we will have a complete tropical weather update of julia, karl and igor. the rain around here is good to see, washing the pollen out of the air. from martinsburg and a bit further north, that is a pretty good rainfall. this is the second batch this
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afternoon on the eastern shore. in between, just patches of light rain. scattered showers in those areas as well. in martinsburg, they have had 17 hundredths of 8 inch of rain. that is not a lot of rain, -- 1700's of an inch of rain. that is not a lot of rain, by -- but when you have not had any, it is something. and one more stop for you in buie, 72 currently, the high was 88 degrees. many areas hit 90 degrees today. 92 still in fredericksburg. the front is still to the north and west, but you get to towns like hagerstown and martinsburg, it is 63 degrees.
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so, nearly a 30-degree change in temperatures -- difference in temperatures. 90 degrees in raleigh. things are changing. you may look at all of these 50's and 60's and think fall is here. not yet. we will have a brief cool down, but it is going right back up tomorrow and saturday and sunday. we're just getting glimpses of pattern changes, but still, a large portion of the country is still in the low to mid 90's. high humidity levels as well. city offenders from watches for portions of west virginia. there is a tornado warning in effect not far from columbus. sunshine as high pressure builds into the area. anywhere from 1/4 to less than
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half inch across the area. the storm moving of the st. lawrence river valley is taking the valley, taking the clouds. partly sunny when you get up tomorrow. 78 in the afternoon. no more rain in the forecast for a while after this system tonight. back near 80 degrees tomorrow and then through saturday, lower 80's. same story on sunday, high of 85. a bit cooler on monday and tuesday and then well into the upper 80's through next week. >> coming up, concerns over posting calories at montgomery county cafeterias. >> what happened in a connecticut for room --
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courtroom that led the judge to reset this day?
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>> a crime that shocked a committee three years ago is still reverberating in the courtroom. a triple home invasion and murder.
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>> the case proved to be so gruesome that the trial was recessed for the day. >> serious questions are being raised about why policemen who responded to a terrific 2007 home invasion did not act sooner. -- a horrific 2007 home invasion did not act sooner. the wife tried to get thousands of dollars while her husband and two children were being held hostage. >> we have a lady in the bank right now who said her husband and children are being held at her house. the people in the car outside the bank, but she is getting $15,000 to bring out to them. >> at 9:36 p.m. police spoke to the house and set up a perimeter. inside, jennifer was being sexually assaulted and their daughters were tied to their
5:26 pm
beds. dr. wittman, beaten and tied up in the basement escaped with his feet tied together. by 957, a house was on fire. the suspects, steven hayes and joshua sarkozy escaped. by the time officers got inside, it was too late. the girls and mrs. pettitte were dead. dr. pettitte once the death penalty if convicted. ? it was so heinous and there were so many aggregating -- aggravating factors that these two individuals deserve to die. >> it leaves the question of why they did not enter the house immediately. >> some federal tour guides are calling -- are crying foul over having to take a test before
5:27 pm
giving tours. >> and more pressure over the tax cuts being extended before they expire. >> a convicted sex offender may be hiding in these woods and police want your help in finding him. >> and people from the american public universities are still here to have you.
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butz you are watching abc7 news at 5:00 p.m., on your side. >> an announcement on the breaking news we brought you at the top of the hour. >> police say man shot a doctor at johns hopkins hospital this morning in baltimore after receiving bad news about his mother's health. he then shot his mother, taking her life before taking his own life. he has been identified as paul warren pardus of arlington, virginia. the doctor is identified by co- workers as david cohen. he was rushed after surgery, but is expected to be ok. >> are sex offenders hiding in the woods? police believe at least one is hiding out in the woods in montgomery county. a loophole in the system does not require them to register.
5:31 pm
it >> there has been at least one reported sighting of james rory here in gaithersburg, but authorities say could be in the woods in this county anywhere. he is not wanted for any new crimes. he is wanted because he is homeless, and has not told authorities where he is. >> have you seen this man? 52-year-old sect defender -- convicted sex offender james mowry. >> he might be living in a tent in a wooded area in upper montgomery county. we have a warrant for him. >> he did prison time after a 2002 conviction for raping and sexually abusing a child relative. he is supposed to give his whereabouts to local police, by u.s. marshals say he is homeless and know where to register, so neighbors cannot be alerted.
5:32 pm
>> it is bad enough i have to keep my daughter in my hand with all the crime that is going on around here. >> they will try to present themselves as homeless of they will not have to comply with providing an address. the crux i think -- >> i think if they do not have an address to go to they should not be released to present -- from prison. >> james is 6 feet tall, 150 pounds, and has a distinctive skull and crossbones tech to on his chest. -- tattoo on his chest. but the marshals service is hoping that the public will help .ut >> a new law takes effect in october that would require homas six offenders to register each week with local police -- home is sex offenders to register each week with local police.
5:33 pm
the number is there on the screen if you have information. >> thank you, greta. a proposed boost for small business is making its way through congress. today, the senate approved loans that would -- a program that would cut taxes and extend loans to small businesses. and when it comes to taxes, the president is making a big push to alter the bush era tax cuts. for anyone who makes more than $250,000 per year he says it is time to pay up. but suddenly, he has some surprising opponents. >> republicans wanted to keep the tax cuts for the wealthy.
5:34 pm
a slam-dunk for the white house, right? not exactly, the president is finding plenty of opposition from his own party. >> just how much of your own money should you be able to keep? the white house says if you make more than $250,000 per year, it is time to fork over more. >> i like obama, but i do not like that idea. >> this refrigerator repairman says he does not make that kind of money, but he is against letting bush tax cuts expire for the wealthy. the biggest argument, times are tough. 9.6% unemployment. the 14% now in poverty. and if the rich do not spend as much, it could trigger a second recession. mr. obama says it is time for them to pay at and is angry with republican standing in the way. >> we cannot take the risk of
5:35 pm
raising taxes on everybody. >> but that -- but congressman gerry connolly is a democrat, among dozens that are now balking the party trend. >> are you getting flak? >> some. >> how high up? >> [unintelligible] >> just how high he did not say, but it is causing controversy on the hill. >> and of course, all of this happening to months before the midterm elections. -- two months before the midterm elections. >> thanks for that report, scott. it is time now for a check on traffic. >> hi, there. rain and rush-hour do not mix. the interlude delay begins in
5:36 pm
annon dale and days off and on over toward college part -- college park. here is bethesda, the beltway near connecticut ave. a lot of traffic along that stretch. it will also be jammed up near silver springs. here we are at new hampshire avenue and heading over toward greenfield, a lot of traffic. you're off and on with the brakes on 270. trying to get from the belt way to fair oaks and centreville in manassass, your on the brakes a good portion of that trip. >> still to come, a pill to help increase a woman's sex drive, and it is not a drug. >> than half like directs and it
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[ female announcer ] lunchables cheese pizza -- now with mandarin oranges. because a great lunch, inspires great ideas. ♪ it doesn't get better than this ♪ >> this one is starting to sound interesting. fenn affleck leads a star- studded cast. the >> it may be just the thing to get out of a summer movie slump. >> this one is so good it does not even need 3d. then act like -- ben affleck shows as a blue-collar boston. >> ban affleck lead to a gang of ruthless bank robbers and who take a woman hostage and then let her go, only to discover she
5:41 pm
lives in the neighborhood. >> four men to be as a hostage. >> affleck strikes at eight french and then a relationship. -- a friend ship and then a relationship. >> an fbi agent is determined to put this gain into prison. worth four stars and a place among the year's best, "the town" shows a story of gripping crime and romance. >> please do notice the rating. i think the guy has really come into his own. >> you think it is an oscar
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contender? >> yes, i do. >> there you go. you heard it here. >> people can make a comeback. coming up next, why some tour guide said their freedom of speech is being violated.
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>> school lunches in montgomery county just got a lot healthier. >> that is right, the district at a whole grain hot dog buns, nonfat milk, and leafy greens and they are encouraging students to think about what they eat. >> some said they have gone too far. >> the new food is really good. it is good tasting and pretty healthy, too. >> the items are a hit in montgomery county schools this year -- the new launch items are a hit in montgomery county schools this year. all 200 montgomery county
5:46 pm
schools now posed calories on their menus and when dr. is worried that it could set off eating disorders in their students -- and one doctor is worried that it could set off eating disorders in their students. >> they should not have to be preoccupied with calorie counting. >> school officials made the changes to combat the obesity epidemic and reaching kids while they are young, they say, is crucial to that goal. >> they can adapt to a healthy lifestyle as they get older. >> ball montgomery counties says that students have been more mindful of what they eat, parents say they have not noticed the difference. >> whenever my parents coke is what i'm going to eat. >> -- what ever my parents cook is what i'm going to eat. >> the gash diet can help cut
5:47 pm
down on kidney stones. doctors say increases water intake and help your body break down keystones. >> a controversial new study suggests the key to increasing a woman's sex drive might be as simple as a sugar pill. los texter i've affects nearly 40% of women. -- a low sex drive affects nearly 40% of women. researchers say just talking about problems in the bedroom could be the solution. >> we did have a chance to speak with a professional who listen to their concerns and most importantly, i've listened to what their concerns were. >> communication and support can be just as effective as the
5:48 pm
bill in some cases. >> -- as the pill in some cases. >> progressive insurance awarded $10 million to the designers behind three super efficient cars. they can be sold for just $20,000. >> the martin luther king memorial on the national is complete. congressman seneysteny hoyer, tom lewis and betty has their raw recognized. -- were all recognize. >> let's see what is coming up on abc7 news. >> coming up at 6:00 p.m., the
5:49 pm
latest on pope benedict xv's historic visit to the united kingdom. plus, the latest developments in the violence at johns hopkins this afternoon. two people are dead, and it looks like the gun man is from our area. we will tell you who he is. >> get caught up on grey's anatomy tonight on abc7 prime- time. >> at 9:00 p.m., see the emotional two-hour finale of gray's anatomy. after that, then watch us on abc7 news at 11:00 p.m. in with doug. the finally starting to see a bit of rain out there. >> a quarter inch over most areas. three storms -- the smaller one
5:50 pm
is julia. it is fading fast and way out in the middle of the atlantic. igor on the other hand, it has gone to category 2 status from category 3, so it has regainewea bit, -- it has weakened a bit. it will probably -- and then there is karl that will make landfall in mexico in the next few hours. in martinsburg and hagerstown has moderate rainfall. the heaviest rain is along the upper eastern shore. less than 14 hundredths of an inch in rockville -- a near bunker hill and in rockville,
5:51 pm
less than 11 hundredths of an inch. the very nice friday with highs in the lower 80's. saturday, sunshine and pleasant, lower 80's. sunday, a bit cooler and send sunshine. -- and some sunshine. >> looking awfully good. i tell you what, this was the day that clinton portis was going to speak and everyone was all ears. he was scheduled to be at the podium today to explain his comments about female reporters in the locker room. brignac henry was there. if cracks clinton portis was fined -- >> clinton portis was finally available to the media after his controversial comments about female reporters. and for once, he was finally not running his mouth.
5:52 pm
he did talk to a head coach mike shanahan, who address the situation in private. >> i think my conversation with him is private, but i think he needed to -- he said what he needed to say. >> the wide receiver did open up about challenges in the game. with the exception of santana moss, the receivers have struggled to find holes. but the quarterback is convinced that they can make it happen against houston. >> i'm sure that most running backs one more than one or two catches. >> thank you very much. a more on the redskins' canea -- coming up.
5:53 pm
and did you see this? it comes in and hit derek jeter's back. he acts like it hit him. the umpire of buys into it and -- the umpire buys into its and send him to first. it clearly hit the bat. the crowd started chanting "jeter, the cheater." and afterward, he fessed up to it. he never lied, but took his medicine and fess up after the game. coming next, taking a test before you can lead to worse in d.c. some guides are not very happy
5:54 pm
with this new mandate. >> we are continuing with the -i( music playing )te. - we know technology can make you more connected.
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but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power,
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shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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>> did you know that in order to give a tour in d.c. you actually have to pass a test? >> some are saying this violates their freedom of speech. >> i just got off the phone with the company that filed this lawsuit today and he says that none of his guys are actually licensed since these new regulations came down this summer. he says he is fighting these new regulations because they are unfair. >> visiting the city and learning about the the history on a subway. >> you could have a lot of charlatans coming off the street. >> butcher the person taking you on the guided tour be licensed
5:58 pm
to spout off their knowledge? >> i am a college -- but should the person taking you on the guided tour be licensed to spout off their knowledge? >> i am a college graduate and i know a lot about this area fax she is a great tour guide. >> under new regulations, a tour guides are required to take a test and get a license before hitting the streets. brian donovan has been guiding tours for five months. another company non-operating this tour fettle -- filed a federal lawsuit today, claiming that the regulations are an unconstitutional infringement on free speech. >> do you feel like you by your money's worth? >> oh, yeah. it has been a great torso far. it has been a blast. -- a great tour so far. it has been a blast.
5:59 pm
>> they all have to be licensed here in d.c. >> thank you, natasha. that will do it for us at 5:00 p.m. coming up at 6:00 p.m., a deadly standoff at johns hopkins hospital. what led a mother -- a man to kill his mother, himself an injury doctor? plus, speaking out for the very first time, the hostages held at the discovery building revealed what it was like to be held at gunpoint for hours and how they managed to escape. and the controversial comments being attributed to michelle obama. and what she is accused of saying. >> live and in hd, this is abc7 news. >> we begin with breaking news, violence at one of the nation's premier hospitals. >> a man

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